The HIT Team

HIT Strategies is a firm of young, diverse, innovative social scientists that use research and data to understand and communicate with hard-to-reach and underrepresented voters. We live and work at the intersections of society that are driving rapidly diversifying voter and consumer trends. We represent communities often misunderstood, overlooked, and underserved in American politics.

Terrance Woodbury

Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner

Terrance Woodbury, co-founder & CEO of HIT Strategies, is widely recognized as one of America’s foremost pollsters and

Roshni Nedungadi

Chief Research Officer & Founding Partner

Roshni is a founding partner and chief research officer of HIT Strategies. Roshni has led expansive, multi-phase research

Orie Ward

Chief Operating Officer

Orie is a highly accomplished business executive, currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at HIT Strategies,

Samuel Madrigal

Field Director

Samuel Madrigal is HIT Strategies’ Field Director. Samuel is an accomplished qualitative and quantitative researcher with experience managing

Joshua Doss

Senior Research Manager

As a Senior Research Manager, Joshua directs HIT Strategies’ “Economics and Black Voters” department, where his team spearheads

Jake Rubinstein

Senior Data Manager

Jake Rubinstein is the Senior Data Manager at HIT strategies, overseeing data processing and advanced statistical work across

Sean Conner

Client Success Manager

With over 15 years of relationship management experience, Sean Conner serves as HIT Strategies’ Client Success Manager, overseeing

Michelle Kizer

Human Resource Manager

Michelle is a strategic HR professional whose inclusive and creative leadership style inspires teams. She has 10 years

Ashley Aylward

Research Manager

As a Research Manager, Ashley Aylward synthesizes findings across projects to inform client strategy and research with the

Courtney Couillard

Research Manager

Courtney Couillard is a Research Manager at HIT Strategies. She spearheads the firm’s political, climate, education, and economic

Ross Miletich

Senior Analyst

Ross Miletich is a Senior Analyst at HIT Strategies focusing on political campaigns and public opinion research. A

Carla Hardy


As an Analyst, Carla focuses on the creation of research instruments, oversees data collection, and crafts tailored analysis

Maya Kapur


Maya is a HIT Strategies analyst, working with political and advocacy group clients. Maya’s previous experience in research

Matt Booker


Matt is an analyst at HIT Strategies, working on a variety of quantitative and qualitative projects to help

Drew Williams


Drew Williams is an analyst at HIT Strategies. Drew comes to HIT with multiple years of polling, and

Erica Tebbs

Research Analyst

Erica is a Research Analyst at HIT Strategies. She collaborates with clients to understand their goals, builds quantitative

Nick Petrone

Data Associate

Nick is a Data Associate at HIT Strategies where he cleans, recodes, and processes survey data.  He brings

Jennifer Fukuto

Data Associate

Jennifer is a Data Associate at HIT Strategies.  Her primary responsibility is supporting the analysts with processing all

Rosita M. Thomas, PhD (of Thomas Opinion Research)

Qualitative Research Expertise

Dr. Rosita Thomas has more than 25 years of experience leading and conducting nearly 500 qualitative and quantitative

Brandon Brandenburg

Sales Associate and Copywriter

As HIT’s Sales Associate and Copywriter, Brandon utilizes his background in political organizing and campaign management to provide

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