The HIT Team

HIT Strategies is a firm of young, diverse, innovative social scientists that use research and data to understand and communicate with hard-to-reach and underrepresented voters. We live and work at the intersections of society that are driving rapidly diversifying voter and consumer trends. We represent communities often misunderstood, overlooked, and underserved in American politics.

Terrance Woodbury

Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner

Terrance Woodbury is a founding partner and chief executive officer of HIT Strategies.   Terrance’s research focuses on people of color and

Roshni Nedungadi

Chief Operating Officer & Founding Partner

Roshni is a founding partner and chief operating officer of HIT Strategies.   Roshni has spent her years as a researcher

Jermaine House

Senior Director of Communications

Jermaine House is the Senior Director of Communication at HIT Strategies. Jermaine is an accomplished strategic communications manager

David Kornahrens

Senior Director of Research

David joined HIT Strategies in early 2021 after a decade of experience in survey research, strategic guidance, and advising

Richard Shafranek, Ph.D.

Data Scientist

As HIT’s data scientist, Richard oversees the data pipeline for quantitative research projects: he develops compelling data visualizations and interactive dashboards, automates data processing

Samuel Madrigal

Analyst & Innovation Specialist

Samuel Madrigal is an Analyst and Innovation Specialist at HIT Strategies. Samuel is an accomplished qualitative and quantitative researcher with experience managing teams and projects for progressive political candidates, advocacy groups and nongovernmental

Martina Smith

Senior Analyst

Martina Smith is a Senior Analyst at HIT Strategies where she works on the data collection and analytical efforts

Sean Conner

Client Success Manager

With over 15-years of relationship management experience, Sean Conner serves as HIT Strategies’ Client Success Manager, overseeing all sales and client-related activities. At HIT,

Joshua Doss


As an analyst, Joshua drives opinion research engagements across HIT’s political strategy and assists clients with message development, emerging consumer trends

Abby Paragele

Research Coordinator

As HIT’s Research Coordinator, Abby Paragele coordinates logistics and workflow for the Research Team. Abby oversees vendor relations, coordinates communication

Ashley Aylward


As an Analyst, Ashley Aylward utilizes her background in political organizing and survey methodology to develop research that gets

Tanvi Reddy

Communications Assistant

As a Communications Assistant, Tanvi coordinates the digital and media communications and content for the HIT team and clients, focusing on elevating the research and storylines

Siobhan Boyle

Communications Intern

Siobhan Boyle is an American Studies and English student at the George Washington University with a passion for the political process.   As

Carla Hardy

Research Intern

As a research intern, Carla provides support to HIT’s numerous ongoing projects. Carla creates data visualization and aides in the creation

Carson Dowhan

Data Processing Intern

Carson Dowhan is a data processing intern for HIT Strategies, where he works closely with quantitative research methods to

Bex Pachl

Executive Assistant

Bex Pachl is the Executive/Research Assistant to HIT Strategies partners Roshni Nedungadi and Terrance Woodbury. As an Executive/Research Assistant, Bex