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Roshni Nedungadi

Chief Operating Officer & Founding Partner

Roshni is a founding partner and chief operating officer of HIT Strategies.  

Roshni has spent her years as a researcher trying to understand the segments of the population of which she is a part. As a woman, as an Asian-American, as a millennial, America is starting to look more like her and tapping into the insights of these various communities have kept her constantly striving to improve outcomes for marginalized communities in this country. 

Prior to starting HIT Strategies,  Roshni spent a half decade at Brilliant Corners Research & Strategies, where she conducted research for candidates in international, national, state, and local elections, helped manage national IE research for groups like BlackPAC and BISC,  and aided inventive, forward-thinking companies such as Google and AT&T in developing programs to benefit various impacted communities. 

Roshni also worked as a Data Analyst at Pivot, in the Wisconsin State Legislature as a Legislative Aide for a Milwaukee-area Representative, and through several years of campaign work – working as a campaign manager, communications staffer, and field organizer in a number of races – has developed a strong background in domestic politics. 

Media Appearances

Poll: Younger voters more likely to identify as 'liberal' on economic and social issues

JUNE 10, 2020

"We can see right now with the protests going on young people care deeply about criminal justice reform, about defunding the police, about these social issues that are happening in our country right now," Roshni Nedungadi, Democratic pollster and partner at Hit Strategies, told Hill.TV.

New Ways to Reach Young Voters

OCTOBER 20, 2020

“New, innovative ways of reaching young voters where they are is really smart, especially going into the last two weeks of the campaign here”