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  1. NAACP: Black Voters’ Pain, Power, & Progress

    This past summer, NAACP sought to gain a nuanced understanding of Black voters’ political attitudes in order to

  2. Change Research + HIT Strategies: Messaging for Reimagining Crime and Public Safety

    With crime rising as an issue priority among all demographics, HIT Strategies and Change Research developed messaging to

  3. SEIU: Mobilizing Voters of Color around Voting Rights 

    January 6th highlighted ongoing threats to Democracy that have been exacerbated with scores of election deniers running for

  4. Packard Foundation: Mobilizing Voters on Abortion After Dobbs

    After Dobbs nullified the constitutional right to an abortion, HIT Strategies and Lake Research Partners were commissioned by

  5. Progressive Playbook 2022: Progressive Caucus Action Fund

    Independent and young progressive voters believe hyper-partisanship is a leading cause of inaction in government and that Congress

  6. URGE: Reproductive Rights

    In the weeks prior to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, HIT partnered with URGE:


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