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  1. It’s Time for Democrats to Treat Black Men As Swing Voters

    This November, the votes of Black men will determine which party controls Congress, governors’ offices and state legislatures

  2. New Poll: Black Voters Overwhelmingly Support Student Debt Forgiveness; More Black Voters’ Attitudes on DOJ Trump Investigation, Climate Change (BlackTrack)

    Washington, D.C. | October 11th – On the heels of President Biden’s student loan forgiveness announcement and other

  3. E-Blast: Biden and Democrats’ Approval Rebound with Black Voters in Latest BlackTrack Survey 📈

    HIT Strategies’ latest survey of Black voters, taken after the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and before the student loan forgiveness announcement, shows an increase in President Biden’s and Congressional Democrats’ approvals.

  4. E-Blast: Watch Young Voters React to Biden’s Policy to Cancel Student Loan Debt (September Focus Groups)

    HIT’s latest focus groups revealed that young voters are informed about the Biden administration’s plan for student loan forgiveness.

  5. New Poll: Biden and Democrats’ Approval Improve with Black Voters in August. Black Voters Support More Action on Abortion (BlackTrack)

    Washington, D.C. | September 15 –President Biden and Democrats saw their approvals jump in HIT Strategies’ most recent BlackTrack survey

  6. Watch: Young Voters React to Student Loan Debt Cancellation in HIT Strategies September Focus Groups

    Washington, D.C. | Sept 14 – In HIT Strategies’ latest focus groups, young swing voters of color and