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  1. Focus Groups with Black Voters Underscore Democrats’ Challenge to Communicate Progress on the Black Agenda

    Washington, D.C. | Oct. 21 – Components of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill, Build Back Better, address systemic

  2. New Poll: Only 11 Percent of Black Voters Refuse Vaccination, Majority are Still Open to Vaccination

    29% of Black Voters Remain Unvaccinated; Mandates and Incentives Could Increase Black Voter Vaccination Rate to 89% Biden’s

  3. BlackTrack – September 2021

    BlackTrack is a monthly subscription-based survey by HIT Strategies to track the evolving opinions of Black voters. The

  4. The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter: Can Democrats Get Surge Voters To Show Up in 2022?

    The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter quotes HIT Strategies Partner Terrance Woodbury on Black voters’ views on

  5. ABC News: Why some US Blacks and Latinos remain COVID-19 ‘vaccine deliberate’

    ABC News Online quotes HIT Strategies Partner Terrance Woodbury on vaccine hesitancy in the Black community: From ABC

  6. Democrats are trying to sell Biden’s agenda. But key voters aren’t paying attention

    From Mclatchy DC: “Roshni Nedungadi, a Democratic pollster, has conducted focus groups with Black and younger voters across