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HIT Strategies is a messaging and strategy firm that uses innovative research methods to understand, communicate with, and mobilize some of the hardest to reach communities in society. Women, millennials (+ gen-z), and minorities are irreversibly shifting voting and consumer patterns in America. We apply our lived experiences at the intersections of society to explore and empower these communities so that our partners can realize the full potential of rapid diversification in America.




Above all, we are translators. We use research to understand the priorities, values, and behaviors of all voters and consumers in order to translate your message into language that best resonates with your target audience. In the age of 24-hour news cycles, social media echo chambers, and misinformation both domestically and abroad, delivering a compelling message requires precise insight into target audiences. We design customized messaging tailored to the communities that are most critical to a successful campaign:

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Research and data are not a final product, but rather tools to inform products like messaging, advertising, and strategy. Understanding your audience is the single most effective tool in your communications box.

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HIT Strategies is a firm of young, diverse, innovative social scientists that use research and data to understand and communicate with people. We live and work at the intersections of society that are driving rapidly diversifying voter and consumer trends. We exist in communities often misunderstood, overlooked, and underserved. And we use the reality of our experiences to understand the three most critical audiences for successful coalition building...women, millennials, and minorities.

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