The COVID-19 crisis and social unrest from police violence has laid bare the systemic injustices that plague black communities. Understanding the rapidly shifting priorities, attitudes, and anxieties of black voters in the context of the current political and social turmoils is critical for politicians & political organizations looking to influence the outcome of the November election.

If you want to figure how to best harness this moment to achieve effective persuasion tactics at the polls, our monthly poll of this important demographic can help you achieve your goals.

Blacktrack is HIT Strat’s monthly survey of 1,000 black voters with a set of standardized questions. Monthly toplines and crosstabs will be produced to track the long term trends of this mission-critical demographic.

Subscribe to understand black voters’:

  1. Political Issues and Priorities
  2. Attitudes and Perceptions towards the 2020 election
  3. Perceived Barriers Towards Political Participation

Above are partial toplines from the BlackTrack surveys. For inquiries about the full data set, please reach out to

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