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Watch Voters of Color Respond to Republican Attacks on Elections and Abortion Rights in Focus Groups

Washington, D.C. | May 22nd – Overturning elections and restricting abortion rights were resonant threats among voters of color in two HIT Strategies focus groups conducted last week with Democratic men of color and independent women of color. Watch Democratic voters react to actions by Republican state legislatures and cases on the Supreme Court docket.

“Democratic voters in our latest focus groups were repulsed by abortion bans, election subversion, and many other Republican efforts in state legislatures and courts,” said Roshni Nedungadi, HIT Strategies’ founding partner. “The focus groups reveal some of the issues that can animate Democratic voters when the threat is made clear.”

Quotations from Focus Groups 
“It’s legal cheating.” – Black man, in reaction to TX law to overturn local election results   “Yeah, yeah” – Black man, base Democrat

“Exactly, it’s overturning democracy. If they wanna do this, there shouldn’t be any democracy.” – Asian man

‘“There you go!” – Black man, base Democrat

 “They’re not protecting our rights. There should be no Bill of Rights, constitution if they’re gonna do all this – Asian man, base Democrat 
“I think the overall message here is control. They’re trying to take away all these rights and let us have less decision in all these upcoming policymaking. They want to have the last say-so regardless of what we want.” – Latino man, base Democrat on SCOTUS docket  
  “They’re trying to get us back barefoot and pregnant.” – Latina woman, independent on FL abortion ban   “That’s exactly what they’re trying to do.” – multiracial woman, independent.   “Yes.” – Latina woman, independent 
 “Whoever is making and passing these laws.” – Latina woman, independent on GOP actions in state legislatures   “And who is that?” – moderator

“Majority white men. Sorry.” – Black woman, independent

“There it is.” – multiracial woman, independent

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