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Packard Foundation: Mobilizing Voters on Abortion After Dobbs

After Dobbs nullified the constitutional right to an abortion, HIT Strategies and Lake Research Partners were commissioned by Packard Foundation to explore how likely voters’ attitudes on abortion have changed, to understand how they perceive the impacts of abortion restrictions, and to identify messaging to mobilize likely voters to protect abortion rights.  

HIT and LRP fielded a poll of 1,500 likely voters, with oversamples (150 each) of Black, Latinx, and AAPI likely voters. We also employed qualitative boards with 70 likely voters to solicit open-ended responses. 

Put together, our research found that voters are more supportive of abortion rights post-Dobbs, express strongest disagreement to a national abortion ban, and are mobilized by messages that draw on empathy one should feel toward those who get abortions.  

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