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Joshua Doss

Senior Research Manager


- Qualitative and Quantitative Data Research
- Multi-cultural Research and Analysis
- Focus Group Leader
- Political Campaign Strategy
- Message Development


-The Impact Project
-Global Strategy Group
-Kamala for the People
-Beto For America
-J.B. Pritzker for Governor


-Black Economic Alliance
-Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
-Senate Majority PAC
-Equal Justice Initiative
-Jaime Harrison

As a Senior Research Manager, Joshua directs HIT Strategies’ “Economics and Black Voters” department, where his team spearheads public opinion research, political strategy, message development, and emerging consumer trends. Joshua also drives HIT’s brand communication strategies with TV and newspaper media engagements, alongside panel conversations and public research briefings.

Before stepping into his role as a Senior Research Manager, Joshua served as a National Communications Director for one of the largest political funders in the country. During this time Joshua directed a multi-million dollar economic narrative project that delivered high-level messaging recommendations for political TV ads, online digital ads, mail pieces, candidate speeches, and more. During his time in the grantor space, Joshua made critical decisions that resulted in a multitude of electoral and legislative/lobbying wins across 14 states.

Though Joshua began his career pounding the pavement as a grassroots organizer in his hometown of Chicago, Joshua’s understanding of economic trends and Black voters has allowed him to conduct quantitative and qualitative research for the Black Economic Alliance, Bryan Stevenson’s Equal Justice Initiative, the DCCC, Senate Majority PAC, Winning Jobs Narrative, and more.

Joshua has been featured in Dear Dean Magazine, Scripps National News, The Hill, Politico, and Indy100.

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