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Jamel Love

Research Manager


- Race & Politics
- Black American Political Behavior
- New York City Politics
- Political Research Methodologies


- Data Analysis
- Data Visualization
- Survey Research/Design
- Mixed-Method Design
- Quantitative Methods

Jamel Love is a Research Manager at HIT Strategies. His research focuses on the Black/African American electorate and explores ways to mobilize and engage alienated and disaffected voters. Jamel is dedicated to understanding the dynamics of political engagement and vote choice, aiming to develop strategies that enhance political participation within these communities. Through his work, he seeks to provide valuable insights and effective solutions to address voter disenfranchisement and foster greater political involvement.

Prior to joining HIT Strategies, Jamel worked in public and private sector academic settings, focusing on research in criminal justice, police reform, and New York politics. Jamel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as he has extensive experience conducting research and engaging in projects that focused on political engagement and vote choice within the context of American politics. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D., with a dissertation examining alienation within the Black political electorate. Jamel’s work is particularly focused on understanding the dynamics of political engagement and how they influence voting behavior.

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