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Reproductive Justice

Packard Foundation: 2023 Qualboards Abortion Research

  • April, 05, 2023

This report summarizes the key findings and strategic guidance from Qualboards conducted from February 28th-March 7th. Participants are likely voters, separated into two groups: those who live in states with protected abortion access, or “safe states”, or those who live in restricted or hostile abortion access, or “restrictive” states.

Packard Foundation: Mobilizing Voters on Abortion After Dobbs

  • September, 01, 2022

This past summer, NAACP sought to gain a nuanced understanding of Black voters’ political attitudes in order to mobilize them ahead of the midterms.

Progressive Caucus Action Fund: Progressive Playbook 2022

  • July, 22, 2022

Independent and young progressive voters believe hyper-partisanship is a leading cause of inaction in government and that Congress is “ineffective” because it’s beholden to wealthy donors and special interests.

Rising Voices: Fear, Racism, and Violence is Driving Asian Americans To Politics

  • July, 14, 2021

Rising Voices and HIT Strategies conducted a groundbreaking and expansive poll of Michigan’s AAPI and Middle Eastern communities. Surveyed in January before the Atlanta shootings, the data reveals critical demographic information, including the alarming rise of anti-Asian racism experienced by the survey’s respondents.

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