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Intersections of Our Lives 2024 Poll

  • May, 09, 2024

HIT Strategies in collaboration with Lake Research Partners conducted a poll for Intersections of Our Lives – a coalition of three women-of-color led national reproductive justice organizations – looking at the connections across Black, Latina/x, and Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) women voters and their motivations and issue priorities in the 2024 election.

Memo: When Candidates Lead with a “Serious About Safety” Message, it Outperforms Tough on Crime—Especially for Black Voters and Young Voters

  • February, 20, 2024

Following an election cycle in Virginia where the issues of crime and abortion dominated the talking points of political candidates, polling among registered voters in Virginia elucidated the effect of this discussion on voting behavior.

Top Priorities for Georgia Voters in 2024

  • January, 25, 2024

HIT Strategies partnered with Climate Power to conduct polling in six key states (MI, WI, AZ, NV, PA, GA) to better understand public opinion and potential messaging frames for the Biden Administration’s Clean Energy Plan, which includes legislation such as the IRA and IIJA.

Packard Foundation: 2023 Qualboards Abortion Research

  • April, 05, 2023

This report summarizes the key findings and strategic guidance from Qualboards conducted from February 28th-March 7th. Participants are likely voters, separated into two groups: those who live in states with protected abortion access, or “safe states”, or those who live in restricted or hostile abortion access, or “restrictive” states.

Packard Foundation: Mobilizing Voters on Abortion After Dobbs

  • September, 01, 2022

After Dobbs nullified the constitutional right to an abortion, HIT Strategies and Lake Research Partners were commissioned by Packard Foundation to explore how likely voters’ attitudes on abortion have changed, to understand how they perceive the impacts of abortion restrictions, and to identify messaging to mobilize likely voters to protect abortion rights.

Progressive Caucus Action Fund: Progressive Playbook 2022

  • July, 22, 2022

Independent and young progressive voters believe hyper-partisanship is a leading cause of inaction in government and that Congress is “ineffective” because it’s beholden to wealthy donors and special interests.

URGE: Protecting Abortion Access is a Mobilizing Issue for Young People

  • June, 30, 2022

In the weeks prior to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, HIT partnered with URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity to commission a poll of young people (18-34) on the threats to abortion access.

Rising Voices: Fear, Racism, and Violence is Driving Asian Americans To Politics

  • July, 14, 2021

Rising Voices and HIT Strategies conducted a groundbreaking and expansive poll of Michigan’s AAPI and Middle Eastern communities. Surveyed in January before the Atlanta shootings, the data reveals critical demographic information, including the alarming rise of anti-Asian racism experienced by the survey’s respondents.

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