Packard Foundation: 2023 Qualboards Abortion Research

  • Date: April 05, 2023
  • Issue: Understand likely voters’ attitudes towards threats to abortion access
  • Researchers: Ashley Aylward, Carla Hardy, Roshni Nedungadi

Publication Summary

This report summarizes the key findings and strategic guidance from Qualboards conducted from February 28th-March 7th. Participants are likely voters, separated into two groups: those who live in states with protected abortion access, or “safe states”, or those who live in restricted or hostile abortion access, or “restrictive” states. The purpose of these qualitative boards was to understand likely voters’ attitudes towards threats to abortion access alongside the 2023 legislative session, compare the attitudes, awareness, and energy around threats to abortion in February 2023 to the data collected in July 2022, and measure awareness of and reactions to ongoing threats to abortion access. 


In our research, we found that abortion remains an important issue for likely voters, though not as top-of-mind as it was during the 2022 election cycle. While likely voters start with mixed awareness of ongoing threats to abortion, these threats, including threats to medication abortion like the ongoing Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v FDA lawsuit, are incredibly mobilizing for likely voters. Likely voters express a desire for a future that is expansive in terms of abortion access and want to see their elected officials stand up to protect abortion access. 

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