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HIT Strategies Welcomes 10 New Hires, Totaling 36 Team Members with Women-Led Research Management Team

Washington D.C. | Oct. 5 – HIT Strategies, the nation’s leading millennial and minority-owned public opinion research firm, announced ten (10) new hires today, including nine (9) new research team members. Since its opening three years ago, HIT has become one of the fastest-growing firms in Washington, D.C., starting with five full-time staff in early 2021 to 36 full-time staff today.

Women-Led Research Management Team 
With new hires, HIT maintains an entirely women-led research-management team, including chief research officer and founding partner Roshni Nedungadi, senior research manager Lauren Goldstein, research managers Courtney Couillard, Gabi Vitela, and Ashley Aylward, and research innovation manager Martina Smith.

New Hires

Dr. Lauren Goldstein, HIT’s new senior research manager, joined HIT from Change Research, where she previously worked with clients, including ACLU, NARAL, and the New Georgia Project. Courtney Couillard spent half a decade at Hart Research conducting research for federal and local elections before joining HIT as a research manager. And Research Manager Dr. Gabi Vitela, a Latinx and Black voter mobilization specialist, recently joined HIT from Equis Research.

Additionally, HIT added analysts Maya Kapur and Drew Williams from Global Strategy Group, Oyinda Bola from Survey 160, and Alani Sweezy from Hart Strategies. HIT’s Field Team added Chase Gladden and Noelle Laub as Research Field Assistants, and Michelle Kizer will head up HIT’s Human Resource Department. Lastly, in addition to the ten new staff hires, Bronwyn Beatty, and August Tucker, joined HIT as full-time interns.

“We promised to build a premier team ready to tackle any challenge ahead of the 2022 midterms, and our latest hires reflect that commitment,” said founding partners Terrance Woodbury and Roshni Nedungadi. “Our incredible growth over the last three years is evidence that our mission to understand America’s fastest-growing consumer and voting communities is key to our clients’ success.”

Find the complete list of team members by clicking here.

About HIT Strategies
As Washington’s leading millennial and minority-owned public opinion research company, HIT Strategies helps progressive leaders and organizations translate the values and attitudes of target audiences into real-time insights. We understand America’s fastest-growing electorate and consumer groups and specialize in targeting communities under-represented in public opinion, including Black Americans, Latino Americans, Millennials + Genz, LGBTQ+, Women, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders. Visit and follow @HITStrat on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more information.

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