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  1. Watch: Men of Color, who Supported Biden in 2020, Contemplate Third-Party Voting in 2024 and Criticize Supreme Court in Recent Focus Groups

    Men of Color Criticize Supreme Court on Billionaire Donors, Affirmative Action, and Student Loans  Washington, D.C. | June

  2. Watch Voters of Color Respond to Republican Attacks on Elections and Abortion Rights in Focus Groups

    Washington, D.C. | May 22nd – Overturning elections and restricting abortion rights were resonant threats among voters of

  3. New Online Focus Groups: Voters Explain What They Want Their Representatives to Do in Response to Latest Restrictions on Abortion Access, Including Medication Abortion Lawsuit

    Washington, D.C. | May 17 –  A new study from HIT Strategies and the Packard Foundation reveals how

  4. After Suspension of Medication Abortion, HIT Releases Democratic Campaign Memo to Elevate the Abortion Rights Fight to Win in 2024

    MEMO: Winning on Abortion: Tactics for Democrats to Respond to Suspension of Medication Abortion and Elevate Abortion Threats

  5. HIT Strategies CEO Terrance Woodbury Named to POLITICO Recast Power List 2023

    Woodbury Among List of 40 Leaders Recognized for Influence on Race, Politics and Policy Washington, D.C. | Friday,

  6. New Poll: Black Voters Rank NFL Halftime Performances: Rihanna Was “Very Good,” But Dr. Dre’s Ensemble Was Best in 5 Years (BLACKtrack)  

    More Black Voter Attitudes on NFL Topic, Tyre Nichols’s Death, Black History Cancellation, and Spy Balloons In HIT


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