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  1. Watch Voters of Color Respond to Republican Attacks on Elections and Abortion Rights in Focus Groups

    Washington, D.C. | May 22nd – Overturning elections and restricting abortion rights were resonant threats among voters of

  2. New Online Focus Groups: Voters Explain What They Want Their Representatives to Do in Response to Latest Restrictions on Abortion Access, Including Medication Abortion Lawsuit

    Washington, D.C. | May 17 –  A new study from HIT Strategies and the Packard Foundation reveals how

  3. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg Joined HIT CBC-ALC Evening Party

    HIT Strategies hosted the #BlackPowerShift event during CBC week with Crooked Media, A-B Partners, and Precision Strategies. Secretary

  4. Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, Addressed HIT’s First CBC-ALC Event  

    We hosted White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre at our event, “A Toast to Black Journalists and Contributors,”

  5. Democratic Firms Release Poll-Report Outlining Way for Democrats to Lead on Public Safety and Navigate Crime Issues Ahead of Midterms

    Report Includes Poll Showing 62 percent of Americans Support Safety Funding Alternatives Over Maximizing Funding for Police   Washington,

  6. E-Blast: Majority of Black Voters Think Biden Should Run in 2024; 74% Approve of His Job Performance 📌  

    Even before an official campaign announcement, a majority of Black voters (59%) believe President Biden should run for president in 2024. And 74 percent of Black voters approve of his job performance, according to HIT Strategies’ latest survey of Black voters (BlackTrack).


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