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  1. E-Blast: RCCA Passage in D.C. is a Big Win for Public Safety Advocates and HIT Research ✅  

    Over a decade in the making, the District of Columbia (D.C.) Council overrode a veto to pass the Revised Criminal Code Act (RCCA) this week. The revised code will serve to recondition DC’s current criminal justice system, clearly defining crimes, terms, and penalties and repealing outdated offenses.

  2. E-Blast: HIT Strategies Cited by The Guardian as Leading Firm Encouraging Youth Turnout and Challenging Generalization that Gen-Z is Too Lazy 📰 

    In a few states, the increased youth-vote share for Democrats contributed to Democrats winning important races. Subsequently, we spoke with The Guardian about our work encouraging candidates and campaigns to employ tactics to mobilize young voters and throw away generalizations that young voters are lazy or don’t care.

  3. E-Blast: Watch Democrats Tell Examples of Voter Intimidation in November Focus Groups 💬

    Watch a group of diverse Democrats tell examples of voter intimidation and express their approval of the midterm election outcome in HIT Strategies’ latest focus groups.

  4. E-Blast: 4 Ways to Mobilize Young Voters 🗳️ and New Youth Focus Groups on Biden’s Marijuana Announcement 👥

    In 2020, a surge in support from young voters helped Joe Biden capture the presidency. As we head into the midterm elections, retaining the support of young voters should remain a high priority of Democratic campaigns.

  5. E-Blast: How can Democrats defend against Republicans’ soft-on-crime attacks? 🔖

    “The defense Democrats aren’t using against Republicans’ soft-on-crime attacks” is the title of a Vox Media feature on HIT Strategies’ latest research study with Change Research showing Democrats how to lead on public safety issues.

  6. E-Blast: Celebrating CBC Week! 🥂

    HIT Strategies proudly hosted and participated in several events during the Congressional Black Caucus’ 51st Annual Legislative Conference in DC.


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