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  1. Democrats Need to Address the Mass Shootings and Racist Violence that the Black Community Fears

    By: Terrance Woodbury Just this past May, a white supremacist, fueled by political extremism from the right, drove

  2. Justice Jackson’s Ascension To SCOTUS Highlights GOP Attacks On Women Of Color, Among Other Awful Wrongdoings

    By: Roshni Nedungadi American voters will not forget the history made at the Supreme Court during one week

  3. OpEd: Many Asian Women Will Bear Brunt of Roe’s Reversal

    By: Roshni Nedungadi In an unsurprising but still horrifying move, the Republican-controlled Supreme Court reversed the decades-long precedent

  4. Public Opinion Shows Americans Stand With George Floyd And Want Reform

    By: Terrance Woodbury and Ashley Aylward Two years ago, an excruciating video of George Floyd’s murder sparked righteous

  5. Here’s What Biden Should Say to Black America at His First State of the Union Address

    By: Terrance Woodbury As President Biden prepares to speak to the nation at his first State of the

  6. Ending COVID-19 By Understanding the Barriers to Vaccinations

    HIT Strategies’ most critical research priority in 2021 is increasing COVID vaccination rates amongst communities of color and


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