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Public Opinion Shows Americans Stand With George Floyd And Want Reform

By: Terrance Woodbury and Ashley Aylward

Two years ago, an excruciating video of George Floyd’s murder sparked righteous outrage in tens of millions of Americans, propelling the #BlackLivesMatter movement to become one of the leading issues championed by the emerging Democratic electorate — people of color and young people — going into the 2020 election.

The 2020 protests in reaction to Floyd’s and other murders of Black Americans at the hands of police officers represented perhaps the largest and most diverse mass political mobilization in American history. Despite the white backlash to this anti-racist movement, two years later, a decisive majority of Americans still want to reimagine our approach to public safety and tackle police brutality. Survey findings have consistently proven these claims: a majority of voters and even larger majorities of Black and younger voters under 50 support anti-racist police reform.  

Read the full op-ed on the Blavity website.

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