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  1. Protecting Roe V. Wade Can Be an Issue That Saves Democrats Midterm Losses | Opinion

    By: Roshni Nedungadi Roshni Nedungadi is a founding partner and chief operating officer of HIT Strategies, the leading

  2. Blavity – We Took A Black America Poll And Found That Black And Queer Liberation Are Intrinsically Tied

    By: Alicia Garza and Terrance Woodbury. Terrance Woodbury is a founding partner at HIT Strategies, a public opinion

  3. Why We Must Keep Fighting To Help Our Communities Fully Realize The Political Power They Already Possess

    By: Terrance Woodbury Terrance Woodbury is a partner at HIT Strategies where his research focuses on people of color and millennials

  4. One year In, HIT’s Mission to Give Voice to the Hardest to Reach Communities More Relevant Than Ever

    A year ago today, we founded HIT Strategies to understand, mobilize, and communicate with the hardest to reach,


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