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  1. New Poll: Black Voters Rank NFL Halftime Performances: Rihanna Was “Very Good,” But Dr. Dre’s Ensemble Was Best in 5 Years (BLACKtrack)  

    More Black Voter Attitudes on NFL Topic, Tyre Nichols’s Death, Black History Cancellation, and Spy Balloons In HIT

  2. Majority-White Congress Seeks to Overturn Public Safety Reform Law Supported by 83% of DC’s Majority-Minority Voters.

    District Voters Across Race, Gender and Wards (Neighborhoods) Overwhelmingly Support RCCA And Most of Its Provisions Washington, D.C.

  3. New Poll: Black Voters Say Police Used Unjustified Force Against Tyre Nichols and Officers Should Be Found Guilty; Disapprove of DeSantis Blocking Black History Courses (BLACKtrack)  

    Biden’s Job Approval Increases and More Black Voter Attitudes on Spy Balloons, Diverting Police Funds and Comparing Superbowl

  4. New Poll: Majority of Black Voters Think Biden Should Run In 2024; 74% Approve of Biden’s Job Performance (BLACKtrack)  

    Racism Second Only to Inflation Among Top Issues   Poll Shows Significant Generation Gaps, But Few Gender Gaps in

  5. Post-Election Poll: 2022 Midterm Black Voters Rank Economic Issues, Abortion, and Racism High Among Priorities (BLACKtrack)

    Washington, D.C. | December 9 – Abortion and racism ranked high alongside economic concerns among the priorities of


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