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  1. Ending COVID-19 By Understanding the Barriers to Vaccinations

    HIT Strategies’ most critical research priority in 2021 is increasing COVID vaccination rates amongst communities of color and

  2. Leading Millennial and Minority-Owned Research Firm Expands Team with Key Hires, Readies for 2022 Election Cycle

    HIT Strategies Welcomes Sean Conner, Joshua Doss, Jermaine House, David Kornahrens and Bex Pachl HIT Strategies, the nation’s

  3. 2 Years In, HITStrat is Still Growing and Ready for 2022

    By Roshni Nedungadi and Terrance Woodbury. Two years ago last month, we founded HIT Strategies to understand, mobilize, and communicate

  4. ICYMI: COVID Vaccination Hesitancy Survey by HIT Strategies Featured in Regional Media on Initiative To Vaccinate People of Color and Eliminate Racial Disparities

    WASHINGTON, D.C. | April 26 – In case you missed it, The Rockefeller Foundation recently launched a $20

  5. A Partnership Survey by GenForward, HIT Strategies Shows Competing Political Views Among Millennials and Generation When Accounting for Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Party

    Nearly half of young adult Black and Latinx Women support canceling all student loan debt, with a majority

  6. Millennial Monitor (+) Plus

    Millennial Monitor (+) Plus a partnership between the GenForward Survey Project of the University of Chicago and HIT