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  1. New Poll: Why is Biden’s Approval Declining Among Black Voters? Half of Black Voters’ Households Skipped Paying Bills, One-Third Late Paying Rent

    Washington, D.C. | Nov. 18 – As more and more Black Americans express their economic struggles in polls, President Biden’s net approval (percent approve

  2. New Poll: Frustration Among Black Voters Is Likely Cause of Biden’s Sagging Approval Poll Numbers

    Washington, D.C. | Nov. 1 – President Biden’s net approval rating (percent who approve minus percent who disapprove) has fallen nearly 15 points since mid-July. Pollsters and

  3. Millennial Monitor (+): Young Adults Across Race, Age, Gender and Party Don’t Believe the President’s Build Back Better Plan Spends Too Much

    Reversing climate change, addressing racism, and expanding healthcare consistently ranked high among young adults across age, race, gender,

  4. Focus Groups with Black Voters Underscore Democrats’ Challenge to Communicate Progress on the Black Agenda

    Washington, D.C. | Oct. 21 – Components of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill, Build Back Better, address systemic

  5. The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter: Can Democrats Get Surge Voters To Show Up in 2022?

    The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter quotes HIT Strategies Partner Terrance Woodbury on Black voters’ views on