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ICYMI: In Politico, HIT’s Terrance Woodbury Argues for Attention-Grabbing Political Action to Rally Young Voters and Democratic Base on Abortion Rights

Washington, DC | July 6 – In case you missed it, Politico quoted HIT founding partner and CEO Terrance Woodbury, joining calls for Democrats to take attention-grabbing political action to rally the Democratic base and send “value signals” to young voters that Democrats are willing to meet rhetoric with actions. In addition, Woodbury makes a case for Democrats to start utilizing popular Republican tactics to rally young voters on abortion rights, an issue in which polls show they are highly concerned.   

Read the full article below:

Politico: Abortion fight strains Democratic alliance with Gen Z 
By: Elena Schneider | July 5th  

Key points featuring Woodbury in Politico: 

  • Even so, Democrats said this kind of “political theater” is what voters, especially Gen Z, need to see to “value signal” that they’re “willing to fight for them,” said Terrance Woodbury, a Democratic pollster. He cited Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s effort to bus migrants from the Texas border to Washington, D.C., in the absence of federal action on immigration, calling it an example of a vivid action that effectively riles up the Republican base. Democrats, Woodbury continued, could be considering their own version of such attention-grabbing actions now. “Can you imagine seeing hundreds of mobile clinics deployed from Washington to [the] states?” Woodbury added.” 
  • Woodbury pointed to last year’s Virginia elections as a warning to Democrats if they fail to activate young voters. Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin won a state that backed Biden by a 10-point margin, in part, because “a bunch of Biden voters stayed home, and the electorate was 12 percent whiter and 8 percent older,” Woodbury said. 
  • In every battleground state in America, if on the day after Election Day in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona, the electorate is 12 percent whiter and 8 percent older, then we’ve lost all of them,” he continued. “I’m afraid [young voters are] growing so cynical that they’re just going to find other ways of expressing their discontent like protest, but not voting.” 

Terrance’s discussion on this topic comes right as HIT Strategies and URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity released a new poll, showing that young people of all demographics overwhelmingly support abortion access and are concerned about the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

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