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When huge news arrives during a political focus group

The New York Times quoted HIT Strategies founding partner Roshni Nedungadi about the leaked SCOTUS document on Roe v. Wade and a HIT Strategies focus group’s reaction to the news in real time:

From The New York Times: “’The tonal shift was intense,’ said Roshni Nedungadi, the chief operating officer of the organization that held the focus group, HIT Strategies, a progressive marketing and data firm focused on young voters of color. After that, it was tough to get the group back on track to discuss Jan. 6. 

‘The feeling in the room,’ Nedungadi said, ‘was very angry, really upset that something like this could possibly happen — and a feeling of really strong motivation to do something to punish the people responsible for it.’” 

Read the full article on The New York Times website.

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