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What should Eric Adams take from the Chicago mayor’s race?

HIT founding partner Terrance Woodbury spoke with City and State NY about what implications the Chicago mayor’s race will have on the New York mayor’s race in 2025:

“Republicans’ tough-on-crime messaging hit Democrats particularly hard downstate in 2022, in part because Democrats don’t have great trust on this issue. It’s why Lee Zeldin made huge inroads in Asian communities like Sunset Park, Brooklyn, building on Curtis Silwa’s advances in the 2021 mayoral race. Adams must stop the bleeding here by offering progressive policy solutions that legitimately contrast with the GOP’s platform. He has plenty of options. He could increase funding for peer mediators to reach New York’s youth. He could further fund mental services and drug addiction treatment to head off crimes of desperation.”

Read the full article on the City and State NY website.

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