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What Role Will January 6 Play in The 2022 Midterms?

The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter quotes HIT Strategies CEO Terrance Woodbury about the insurrection on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and its implication of racism and white supremacy:

From The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter: “Moreover, the way in which Democrats are talking about the events of January 6 fails to motivate the very people it’s designed to inspire, argues Terrance Woodbury, a Democratic pollster who specializes in survey work with Black voters, young voters and people of color. In a tweet the other day, Woodbury, a founding partner of HIT Strategies, said: “For Black voters, #January6 #insurrection was as much about White Supremacy and racism as it was about the outcome of the election. #MarekGarland and the entire January 6 commission are ignoring the role of race in politics like Dems always do. Black eye roll. But let’s pretend like they just thought there were errors in vote counting. That’s why they brought noose’s and swastikas.”

In a follow-up conversation I had with Woodbury, he argued that “Democrats need to let base voters know their values by acknowledging the white supremacy and racism aspects of January 6, which has always been obvious to Black voters. But beyond mobilizing the base, what also appalled white suburban swing voters the most after the January 6 insurrection were the racist associations to white supremacy.” 

Read the full article on The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter website.

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