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‘We can never go back’: Leaked opinion mobilizes Black women around abortion rights

USA Today quoted HIT Strategies founding partner Roshni Nedungadi about HIT Strategies’ BlackTrack research examining reproductive rights and Black voters:

From USA Today: “Roshni Nedungadi, founding partner and chief operating officer of HIT Strategies, a progressive market research firm, said abortion has been a topic that Black voters cared about even before the leak. 

HIT Strategies was conducting a focus group with young Democratic voters when the leaked draft opinion was published by Politico. 

‘What we’ve been seeing over the last two months is this issue is becoming more and more motivating,’ Nedungadi said on previous polling they’ve done in the past. 

‘For instance, we found in one of our previous BlackTrack (polls) 72% of Black voters say they would be more motivated to vote in the upcoming midterms if access to abortion was threatened,” added Nedungadi. “And I think that we really saw that play out in real time in these groups.'”

Read the full article on the USA Today website.

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