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Watch: Young Voters React to Student Loan Debt Cancellation in HIT Strategies September Focus Groups

Washington, D.C. | Sept 14 – In HIT Strategies’ latest focus groups, young swing voters of color and less-engaged young voters reacted to the Biden administration’s partial student loan debt cancellation. Nearly all participants were aware of the policy, and several highlighted how it would benefit them personally. 

“Young people broadly, not just young Democrats, are paying attention to the news of student loan debt cancellation,” said Terrance Woodbury, HIT Strategies’ founding partner. “This policy should be touted as one component of the broader economic agenda to provide more opportunity to Americans. It’s good politics for Democrats heading into the midterms, especially with young voters.” 

Young Voter Groups 

  • Swing Voters of Color: Group one consisted of a nonwhite young group of swing voters ranging in age from 20-34. The participants don’t vote solely for one party over the other and identify as independents. 
  • Mobilization Voters: Group two consisted of young and diverse voters ranging in age from 20-34. They voted for President Biden in 2020 but do not pay high attention to the midterms. 

Selected Quotations: 

“Raise your hand if you’ve heard of student debt cancellation—the news around that” *5/5 participants raise hands* “OK, that’s everyone” – moderator of young swing voters of color focus group 

“Pell Grants are initially meant for low-income students and statistically, low-income students are mostly Black or Hispanic students. So it’ll really be helping that population of students by including that into the package.” – young Asian man, swing voter 

“Initially I thought, ‘this is a good thing’. It’s gonna help a lot of people, especially with inflation going on right now. A lot of people probably need this.” – young white woman, mobilization voter 

“Relief. For myself, being a graduate student and for other people—doctors, a lot of these ‘high professionals’ that we need. And people rush them to go to school for these hundred-thousand dollar degrees.” – young Black woman, mobilization voter 

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