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Watch: Kansas Abortion Vote Inspires Voters in Democratic Focus Groups

Washington, D.C. | Aug 8th – The reversal of Roe and the Kansas abortion vote was emotionally resonant for Democratic voters in two HIT Strategies focus groups conducted this week. In the two groups (one with Black Democratic voters and one with young Democratic voters), participants were deeply upset by recent restrictions on reproductive care but said they were inspired by Kansas voters mobilizing against an anti-abortion ballot measure.

The first focus group was with Black “base” voters, ages 25+, who regularly turn out for Democrats. The second focus group was with young base voters, ages 18-25.

“In our latest focus group, we can see how the Democratic Party’s base, especially Black and young voters, are motivated by abortion and many were optimistic after hearing how Kansans rejected the anti-choice ballot measure,” said Roshni Nedungadi, HIT Strategies’ founding partner.  “Democratic candidates have a real opportunity to mobilize voters for pro-choice candidates, but they have to make the case to voters effectively.”

Selected Quotes:

  • “Very much so. I have a daughter, and I don’t feel like there should be anyone in any legislative branch that should have any control over her body. So my vote will never be for anyone who believes that abortion isn’t a right for all women.” – Black woman, base
  • “Something like this, I feel like, has a big emphasis on that, to make you wanna get out there—if Kansas can do this, there’s enough of us here. We can make a difference on Something that really matters as well.” – Black woman, base
  • “Optimistic, because the Supreme Court made the decision thinking it was going to be the best for everyone else, and they said they wanted the ‘states to choose.’ Well, here’s a prime example. Deep conservative Kansas, out of all places, said no: we want to keep women with the right to choose. So I would say optimistic to see how people really feel about the issue.” – young Hispanic man, base
  • “This is now a matter of—they’re going to be killing women if they keep restricting abortion. We didn’t think we would have to vote to say ‘keep people alive and allow people to have safe healthcare. But we do. So absolutely, it [the issue of abortion] would drive me to the polls.” – young white woman, base

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