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Supreme Court’s potential overturn of abortion rights is especially felt by Black women: ‘How dare they!’

The Grio quoted HIT Strategies founding partner Roshni Nedungadi about the midterm elections and the issue of reproductive justice and access to abortion:

From the Grio: “Roshni Nedungadi, a founding partner of the opinion research firm HIT Strategies, told theGrio that, ‘72% of Black voters in the country actually say they would be more motivated to go out and vote if access to abortion was restricted or threatened in any way…this is a topic that these voters really care deeply about.’

Another demographic that may be a critical voting bloc in the midterm elections is young people of color, especially as it relates to abortion rights. Nedungadi said HIT Strategies has been speaking with groups of young voters over the last couple of years about the issue of reproductive justice and access to abortion.” 

Read the full article on the Grio website.

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