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Roe draft supercharges battle for state control

POLITICO quoted HIT Strategies founding partner Roshni Nedungadi about the leaked SCOTUS draft opinion on Roe v. Wade and the reactions of a HIT focus group of Democratic voters in real time:

From POLITICO: “Roshni Nedungadi, a pollster at HIT Strategies — which has done work with abortion rights groups — said that the shift for Democratic voters was apparent in a focus group of ‘young, base’ Democrats that her firm was running as POLITICO broke the news on Monday.

‘Our moderator asked a question before this news came out: What would you think about the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned? And people didn’t think that it was a realistic possibility until the news broke, she said. It took them a moment to process the information. Then they were palpably angry.’”

Read the full article on the POLITICO website.

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