Black to the Future Action Fund: Black Voter Bulletin December 2022

  • Date: December 01, 2022
  • Issue: Black voter priorities and satisfaction in North Carolina, Georgia, and California

Publication Summary

In December 2022, HIT Strategies and Black to the Future Action Fund collaborated to survey Black communities in three priority states – California, North Carolina, and Georgia. These polls surveyed a total of 1,200 Black voters in Georgia, North Carolina, and California, including an oversample of 100 Black rural voters in Georgia and North Carolina. In this polling project, we took a deeper dive into our priority states to learn about respondents’ top concerns and what motivates them for the upcoming midterm election and beyond.

In our final poll of the series, we spoke to 400 Black voters in each state about the outcomes of their participation in the midterm elections, what motivated them to participate and what were the barriers to their participation, and what kind of engagement they need or want in order to maintain their participation in the electoral process.

Black voters were motivated to participate in the midterm elections to make an impact on the issues important to them, and felt that their participation was critical to impacting those issues. However, Black voters faced significant barriers during the midterms – in addition to longer lines than usual, some were motivated not to participate because they felt they didn’t have enough information about the candidates, and didn’t believe that voting would have any impact on the issues they cared about.

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