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Protect OUR Supreme Court nominee at all costs

The Grio quoted HIT Strategies’ research on Democratic voters and the first Black woman being nominated to the Supreme Court:

From the Grio: “Now that we have our nominee, Democrats will need to fight tooth and nail to protect her with everything they have—at least that’s what Black and young voters want to see, according to focus groups conducted by HIT Strategies earlier this month. As one young Black woman put it, “…I want them to do more than send us some tweets about it because I mean, I can tweet about it at home, too. You actually are there. So I’d want [Democrats to] take some measures….” And considering the racist and misogynistic attacks from Republicans before a nominee was even named, many expect them to ramp up their attacks during the confirmation process and “try to drag her through the mud.” When that happens, voters want Democrats to “go to bat” for Judge Brown Jackson.”

Read the full article on the Grio website.

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