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New Poll: Biden and Democrats Approval Slipping among All Black Voters, including Older Black Voters, A Traditionally Stalwart Group (BLACKtrack)

Washington, D.C. | January 13th – President Joe Biden’s job performance approval numbers continue to decline among Black voters, including now older Black voters, a traditionally stalwart constituency primarily responsible for his presidential win. In HIT Strategies’ January BlackTrack, poll tracking the attitudes of Black voters, Biden’s net approval (percent approve minus percent disapprove) among older Black voters (over 50) declined by 12 points between November and December. Until December, cracks in Biden’s approval among Black voters were primarily driven by malaise among young Black voters (under 50).  

“Democrats’ declining approval underscores President Biden and Democrats’ challenge communicating the benefits of their policies and connecting the dots for many Black voters,” said Terrance Woodbury, a founding partner at HIT Strategies. “Democrats are pursuing the right policies, but that information isn’t getting to Black voters who need to hear it.” 

Looking Beneath the Numbers

  • In the latest BlackTrack, Black voters over 50 registered a 36-point drop in net approval of Biden’s handling of voting rights 
  • Also, 1 in 5 Black voters under 50 ranked student loan debt, as a top three priority 
  • In November Black Track, half of Black voters’ households reported skipping paying bills in recent months 

Other Takeaways from January BlackTrack  

Infrastructure Bill 

  • 67% report supporting 
  • 15% report opposing, and  
  • 18% don’t know about the bill 

Critical Race Theory (CRT) 

  • 51% of Black voters report seeing or hearing about CRT.  
  • 59% of Black voters support teaching CRT in schools 
  • 16% oppose teaching CRT in schools  
  • 26% report not knowing about CRT 

COVID-19 Vaccine 

  •  74% of Black voters report being vaccinated 


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