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ICYMI: Showtime’s “The Circus,” Politico, and MSNBC’s Morning Joe Features Terrance Woodbury and HIT Strategies Focus Groups of Democratic Voters

Washington DC | April 13th – In case you missed it, Showtime’s “The Circus,” Politico, and MSNBC’s Morning Joe featured HIT Strategies partner Terrance Woodbury and HIT’s latest focus groups of Democratic voters expressing their concerns on the state of the country and President Biden’s Administration. HIT Strategies focus groups routinely engage Black Democratic voters. For Democrats to increase their chances of success among Black voters, Terrance made clear that Democrats must message their accomplishments and forcefully respond to the GOP’s use of racism as a political strategy.

First up:


  • Eugene Daniels then joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe where he presented HIT’s data to the national audience. Watch the full clip here

Followed by: 

  • The week culminated with founding partner Terrance Woodbury joining Showtime’s The Circus with Mark McKinnon to discuss the results of the focus groups and Democratic prospects in the midterms. View the following clip from Showtime that features Terrance. The entire episode, Season 7: Episode 6, is available on Showtime here


On Monday, Mark McKinnon joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss Sunday’s episode of The Circus, where Mika Brzezinski, Al Sharpton, and Joe Scarborough discussed Terrance’s segment on Showtime. Watch the clip here:


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