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ICYMI: COVID Vaccination Hesitancy Survey by HIT Strategies Featured in Regional Media on Initiative To Vaccinate People of Color and Eliminate Racial Disparities

WASHINGTON, D.C. | April 26 – In case you missed it, The Rockefeller Foundation recently launched a $20 million Equity-First Vaccination Initiative to eliminate racial disparities in COVID vaccinations. With the foundation’s support, HIT Strategies issued a survey on vaccination hesitancy and accessibility among people of color targeting five U.S. cities. The poll showed that a majority of respondents want to get vaccinated when eligible, but nearly two-thirds do not know how to get vaccinated.

Here is a look at the coverage:

Baltimore Sun: Rockefeller Foundation Selects Baltimore as Vaccine Equity Partner
The Equity-First Vaccination Initiative has set a goal of ensuring 70 million people of color are fully vaccinated by July. It will invest specifically in the Open Society Institute-Baltimore to partner with community organizations and address questions and concerns about the vaccines. A study conducted by HIT Strategies found that while the majority of Baltimore respondents (74%) want to get vaccinated when eligible, most (58%) do not know how to get vaccinated. The poll also found 1 in 5 respondents have trouble getting care when needed and felt disrespected when getting care.

San Francisco Chronicle: California hit a crucial benchmark for vaccine equity. What happens now that it is open season?
A HIT Strategies survey among people of color in Oakland, backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, found that 84% of respondents wanted to get vaccinated when eligible, but 62% did not know how.

New N.J. County Blocks COVID Vaccine Finder Over Concerns it Favors ‘White, Suburban, People’
A survey supported by the Rockefeller Foundation found that 48% of respondents in Newark did not know how to get vaccinated and 57% were unsure when they would be eligible. Yet, 66% of residents said they wanted to get a vaccine, according to the data compiled by HIT Strategies.

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