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Extreme Polarization and Fear of ‘the Other Side’ Poisons Political Discourse, Panelists Say

Fordham News quotes HIT Strategies partner Roshni Nedungadi about millennials not embracing partisanship:

From Fordham News: “Nedungadi focused on research on 18- to 40-year-olds, which shows they have not embraced partisanship as much as their elders. Only 8% of millennials considered themselves strong Republicans, and only 16% are strong Democrats.

They may seem polarized because they are involved in protest and activism, she said, but that’s because they’re poorly represented in Congress—millennials make up about 6% of Congress, but millennials and Generation Z are 37% of the electorate. Baby boomers make up 28% of the eligible voting population but represent 56% of Congress.”

Read the full article on the Fordham News website.

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