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E-Blast: Young Voters Are Frustrated but Say They Are Ready to Act to Protect Abortion Access in Focus Groups



Young Voters Are Frustrated but Say They Are Ready to Act to Protect Abortion Access in Focus Groups

In HIT’s latest focus groups of young Democratic voters, many expressed concerns about the overturning of Roe v. Wade and potential attacks on many rights for women, LGBTQ, and Black Americans. Though frustrated, many said they were determined to do something.

One young voter expressed her feeling of negativity and how the country is reverting to the past. She stated she feels women’s rights are being toyed with, and women are being treated like they’re not human. 
Another voter conveyed fatigue, having experienced anger and frustration for a prolonged period and eventually becoming exhausted.  
*Warning: This quote contains a mention of suicide.

A young voter discussed the emotional, and physical toll forced birth could have on a woman and what mental health issues could arise from this experience. 
One female voter relayed that rather than donating to politicians, donations should be made to community services and funds that will assist women in receiving a safe procedure.  
Another voter shared that friends had already contacted her to see if she could help women financially and throughout the abortion process. 
Several voters expressed the need for politicians to take an active leadership role in their constituencies and provide specific details of how they will accomplish legislative goals
The fight for reproductive justice must now happen at the state level. Democratic and pro-choice candidates need to send a clear message to their base of young voters, that they will defend reproductive rights and that their vote will be what makes the difference this midterm election and determine the future of abortion access. 
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