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E-Blast: HIT Accurately Predicted Cherelle Parker’s Historic Win 📈



HIT Accurately Predicted Cherelle Parker’s Historic Win  

Last month, Cherelle Parker made history by winning the Philadelphia Mayoral Democratic primary, setting the stage to become the city’s first female mayor in November.  

HIT Strategies partnered with the Parker-backing PAC, Philadelphians for Our Future, to provide polling and strategic guidance. Parker’s win was powered by support from key communities we specialize in understanding, including Black voters, Black women, working-class voters, and Latino American voters. Not only did HIT accurately predict Parker’s win, but we also measured all candidates’ vote share more accurately than publicly available polling. 
HIT’s Polling Proved More Precise Than the Rest. 
Once we began telling voters her story, she climbed from fifth place to first in less than 60 days. From our first poll, we knew there was power behind Cherelle Parker’s candidacy. Her perseverance, experience, and values matched those of a mayor who would lead Philadelphia to become a greener, cleaner, and safer city. Communications guided by our polling made a major contribution in catapulting Parker to the top of the race. 
Cherelle Parker was the real choice. To win, it was clear that voters needed to see the contrast between Parker and her millionaire competitors. Once we made the case that Cherelle Parker was the real choice, Black, older, and moderate voters quickly moved to Parker to solidify her lead. 
Congratulations to Cherelle Parker and our partners at Philadelphians for Our Future PAC. 
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