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Watch Democratic Voters Express Enthusiasm for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in HIT Strategies’ Latest Focus Groups

Washington, D.C. | March 17 – Democratic voters—young and old, base and surge—voiced strong support for SCOTUS nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in HIT Strategies’ latest focus groups. Watch Democratic voters show their enthusiasm for President Biden’s historic nominee

“We saw faces light up when we asked participants about Judge Jackson,” said Roshni NedungadiHIT Strategies’ founding partner. “Participants love her experience and qualifications, and they value the diversity she would bring to the Supreme Court. She has the potential to really excite Democratic voters this election year.

In HIT Strategies’ February survey of Black voters, 54 percent said they would be more likely to vote if the historic nominee experienced an unfair confirmation process. Read more from the Washington Post.

March Focus Groups Quotations

  • “It’s good, get some color up in the Supreme Court.” – Older Black woman, base  
  • “I’m excited, I’m going to celebrate with her.” – Older Black woman, base  
  • “…bringing that cultural awareness, it’s going to allow other people—that were passive before, who were younger, whether they’re of colored skin or have more melanin—be able to raise their voice and be able to see that they can make a difference because there’s a new Supreme Court Justice that looks like them and it makes them feel more accepted.”  – young White man, base  
  • “For me it shows he’s [Biden’s] sticking to his word when he was running—that he was going to see to it that more women, more people of color would be part of his cabinet, part of his selections. If nothing else, he’s sticking to his campaign promises.” – Older Black man, base on Jackson’s nomination 
  • “…if you understood the life Thurgood Marshall lived under the threats, under the hatred, and under the fact that no one wanted to see him pursue to the height of the Supreme Court—it’s an honor to have Ketanji.” – younger Black man, surge

March Focus Groups
The HIT focus groups sought to explore Democratic voters’ reactions to current events and levels of political engagement. One focus group was with older Black base voters (2020 Biden voters who turn out in presidential and midterm elections, ages 25+), two focus groups were with younger base voters (2020 Biden voters who turn out in presidential and midterm elections ages 18 to 39), and one focus group was with Black surge voters (2020 Biden voters who did not vote in 2016).

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