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Can these Black Senate candidates save the Biden-Harris agenda against Manchin and Sinema?

The Grio quotes HIT Strategies CEO Terrance Woodbury about U.S. Senate candidates Pennsylvania State House Representative Malcolm Kenyatta and Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes:

From The Grio: “They [Lt. Governor Barnes and State Representative Kenyatta] would begin to restore confidence amongst parts of the democratic coalition that do not feel represented and did not feel prioritized,” Terrance Woodbury, CEO & founding partner of HIT Strategies, told theGrio.

Woodbury added, “What AOC represents in Congress is not just the 350,000 constituents in her district, she represents a growing urgent progressive wing of the party far beyond the limits of her district in New York. And that’s what Democrats have to start taking advantage of, is that as the big tent party representation is not just geographic; representation is demographic, it’s ideological, and bringing in these diverse new Senators would help them reach voters that currently feel taken for granted.”

Read the full article on The Grio website.

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