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Biden has reached a critical moment in the battle for blue-collar voters

CNN Politics quotes HIT Strategies partner Terrance Woodbury about Biden’s falling favorability among Black surge voters and the importance of motivating them to vote in future elections:

From CNN Politics: “Terrance Woodbury, CEO and founding partner at HIT Strategies, says legislative progress on the party’s economic agenda is critical not only to holding working-class White voters but also to motivating the intermittent African American voters who surged to the polls against Trump in 2018 and 2020. Biden’s favorability, he says, has fallen more among those voters than more reliable (and usually older) Black voters. Those surge voters, Woodbury says, have ‘an acute awareness that they were responsible for or contributed to the Democratic power in Washington, and they just aren’t seeing any results yet.'”

Read the full article on the CNN Politics website.

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