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African-American Struggles Show In Presidential Approval Ratings

Forbes quotes HIT Strategies founding partner and CEO Terrance Woodbury about Black voters’ sentiments towards the Democratic Party and what issues they deem crucial.

From Forbes: “‘The biggest takeaway from our research over the past couple of months is a simple one, Democrats to keep their Black voter enthusiasm will have to reject the false choice currently present,’ he said. ‘As a party, they will have to address the economic priorities in a racial context, but not ignore the overwhelming anxiety that voters of color feel about issues like policing and criminal justice.'”

The millennial pollster emphasized the importance of Democrats walking and chewing gum at the same time. He said, ‘they’re going to have to fulfill the economic promise that they have made to Black America. But they’re also going to have to reduce the racial anxiety and tension that is being stoked right now, not in the last four or five years of Donald Trump, but currently today.'”

Read the full article on the Forbes website.

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