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A deeper dive into what Black America can expect from Biden’s State of the Union speech

The Grio quoted HIT Strategies CEO Terrance Woodbury about President Biden’s State of the Union Address and his administration’s accomplishments:

From the Grio: “‘One thing we’re learning when we talk to Black voters in focus groups is that for many of them this does not reflect Joe Biden’s commitment to Black people, as much as it reflects Joe Biden’s commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises. And that is just as important,’ he added.

Something Woodbury said President Biden should be mindful of as he also touts his legislative agenda is something he heard from a HIT Strategies focus group with voters. 

‘Passing legislation in Washington is a win for politicians in Washington. Until that infrastructure bill reaches Augusta, Georgia and Columbus, Ohio, and until they can access those 16 million jobs created by infrastructure until he actually pulls up these lead pipes in Flint then passing the legislation hasn’t helped them,’ he said. 

He added, ‘not all progress is policy.’”

Read the full article on the Grio website.

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