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2 Years In, HITStrat is Still Growing and Ready for 2022

By Roshni Nedungadi and Terrance Woodbury.

Two years ago last month, we founded HIT Strategies to understand, mobilize, and communicate with America’s hardest-to-reach communities. Our journey began with two millennials of color working in politics who wanted the media and policymakers to pay attention to the communities that made up our friends, family, and communities.  

Fast-forward to today. In two years, HIT grew from two employees and two clients to 15 employees and over 40 clients. Not even we could have predicted the tremendous demand and growth. We have done this while remaining a firm owned and operated by a diverse group of millennial professionals and focusing much of our business on underserved communities. 

We helped turn out people of color and young voters in record number in one of the most impactful elections of our lifetime. We helped to lead our communities through an insurrection with messaging that brought people together. Like we planned, we expanded our research into figuring out vaccination hesitancy, began polling the Trans-community, and surveyed Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) comminutes. With this work, we chartered unfamiliar territory in data research expanded the categories of who gets a voice in public opinion research.  

In order to meet our ambitious goals and prepare for the 2022 cycle, we recently hired or promoted incredible political and business talents who bring a range of expertise and skills to our growing firm. First, David Kornahrens joined as Senior Director of Research. Next, Jermaine House has been named Senior Director of Communications. Next, Joshua Doss will become our newest Research Analyst. Sean Conner was promoted to Client Success Manager. Bex Pachl is HIT Strategies’ Executive Assistant. Read our latest press release announcing the new hires.  

All new HIT hires previously held pivotal and political, and government roles in Washington, D.C., including alumni of the DCCC, Obama for America, and several Congressional, state, and local campaigns adding candidate campaigns and independent expenditures experience ahead of the 2022 cycle. Additionally, we will be working for a host of dynamic, progressive candidates including.  

  • Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Nikki Fried 
  • South Carolina Gubernatorial Candidate Mia McLeod 
  • Maryland Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Rosenbaum 
  • Arkansas Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Jones 
  • Columbus City Council President Shannon Hardin

This young, diverse slate of candidates reflects the future of America and the continued importance of the emerging Democratic electorate that will define the outcome of these races. In the states and districts where these candidates are running, young voters and voters of color will decide the margin of victory. HIT’s proven experience and cultural understanding of these communities make them especially prepared to meet this challenge.  

We set out to be a different type of company and have been proud to work with partners who share our values and mission to empower underrepresented communities. In our third year, we plan to achieve much more, and we are glad that you are along the ride with us.   

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