Rapid Problem-Solving Tools

Data and slides are not the final product, but are rather tools to inform final products. That is why we translate complex data into rapid problem-solving tools that allow stakeholders to easily integrate data into their strategic process.

HIT Lines/Profiles

HIT Lines are a signature tool that present dense polling data in a format that allows stakeholders to make strategic decisions with data-driven insights. The toggle feature also allows for sorting name ID, favorability, issues, messages, horserace, etc across demographics.

Message Guide

The Message Guide defines the key elements of your message across targeted demographics. It includes the most compelling elements of the bio, the most important traits or values, and the messaging thematic that resonate with each audience in order to paint a comprehensive messaging picture that the campaign can use across the board. 

Brand Diagnostic

The Brand Diagnostic tool allows companies, organizations, and individuals to understand their unique positioning amongst target audiences relative to other comparable brands. It also identifies the traits most associated with the brand, barriers to expansion, and potential pitfalls. Finally, the diagnostic includes recommendations to establish, expand, or inoculate the brand in the future. 

HIT Path Guide

The HIT Path Guide is an easily-digestible executive summary that helps quickly inform key stakeholders about the research, and can provide recommendations or a call to action based on the campaign goals moving forward.