Here are 6 Things Joe Biden Should Say During the Presidential Debate Tonight:

September 29, 2020


By Terrance Woodbury and Roshni Nedungadi

The swing voters this year are predominately young voters and people of color. These voters are not just in between voting for Biden or Trump – they are apathetic to the political process and in between voting and not voting. A little over a month before the General Election, Vice President Joe Biden is still reaching for support among key Democratic voting blocs.  In one of the most watched moments of the campaign season, Biden has a unique opportunity to connect with these voters.  

Here are 6 things Biden should say during the debate tonight to show young voters and people of color he is advocating for them:  

  1. Lean into racism and improve confidence in his ability to handle race relations among Black voters by acknowledging the systemic racism built into our system and how his criminal justice record has contributed to that. Biden should show what he’s learned from his past that makes him the better candidate to address racism and criminal justice reform 
  1. Address the decision in the Breonna Taylor case to acknowledge the frustration and weariness of black voters with the political system  
  1. Connect Trump’s rapid Supreme Court confirmation process with Trump’s efforts to fix the election in his favor  
  1. The movement for black lives has evolved from black people vs. the police to young people vs racism. Acknowledge racism is the top electoral issue for young and black voters and meet the urgency of the Black Lives Matter protests by proving police reform is a top priority under his administration 
  1. Disqualify Trump by connecting his racism to specific policies enacted under his administration that have adversely targeted Black, Latino and AAPI communities   
  1. Show young people he is listening to their concerns by pointing out how he has built coalitions with progressives to move his policies left on issues like climate change  

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