Trump courts minority men with mix of policy and personal appeals

February 26, 2020


In attempting to court black and Hispanic voters ahead of November, President Trump and his allies are focused on swaying one group in particular: minority men.

The effort has been on display in the Trump campaign’s Super Bowl ad highlighting criminal justice reform, throughout Trump’s State of the Union address that featured a Tuskegee Airman and two black men benefiting from Opportunity Zones, and in the president’s almost daily references to historically low minority unemployment rates.

“It keeps me up at night,” said Terrance Woodbury, a partner at HIT Strategies, a firm that conducts research on minorities and other under-researched demographic groups. “The Trump campaign recognizes that while the Democratic Party is spending a significant amount of resources and effort to persuade white suburban women back into their coalition, the Trump campaign has found a very susceptible and very different swing voter in black men.”

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