The Myth of the Black Male Trump Supporter

October 28, 2020

HIT in the news

Michael Harriot

The following fairy tale is based on a true story.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom not so far away, an evil orange emperor ruled the land. With a face resembling an orangutang’s hindparts (except for the chalky ovals encircling his eyelids) and golden windswept hair dyed like jaundiced straw, the king earned the titles Chief Oppressor and Village Idiot, Donald XIX.

When the townspeople decided to oust King COVID the 19th, they asked Princess Kamala to ask if she could get her tribe of Black women warriors to help overthrow the candy corn-colored King. A neighboring warrior tribe, the Blackmen, also agreed to join them. The Latty Nexters from a village down south said they’d support the coup d’twat.

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