Kanye West isn’t going to be president, but his unconventional bid forges on

September 4, 2020

HIT in the news

By Sara Murray, CNN

Kanye West’s secretive political operation has no shot of landing him a spot in the Oval Office, but he and the Republican operatives propping him up could still wreak havoc in a handful of battleground states come November.”Kanye West will not garner enough voters to become president. But he can garner enough voters to determine the outcome of this election,” said Terrance Woodbury, a Democratic pollster and partner at HIT Strategies.Any third-party candidate can pose a risk in a tight election, and strategists say that’s even more true when the candidate comes with name recognition and nationwide fan base. West isn’t holding campaign events or even filing required financial disclosures. He’s keeping his campaign organization under wraps. And aides are focused almost entirely on getting his name onto the ballot.So far, the music mogul has only made the ballot in 10 states, making it mathematically impossible for him to become the next president. But those states include potential battlegrounds like Colorado, Iowa and Minnesota.

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